Always at work on something special.

Studio B19 is based in Viareggio a seaside city about 5 km from Pietrasanta and 20 km from Pisa, north Tuscany.

The studio offers a multifunctional space of 150 m2 which can be used for photography and video. Equipments such as Red 4.5k camera, lenses and various photo kit are available for rental.

Studio B19 collaborates with the Zero + comunication agency specialized in web and social communication; if you have something to share, they will do it for you.

Studio B19 is on the edge of 3d scanning and 3d printing technologies and has the ability to use technology for artistic purposes. Over the years, video, 3d design, photography and graphics have been part of the creative world of the founder of B19, Maicol Borghetti, and those know-how is now available to you also.


Video shooted in StudioB19 – Courtesy “Le Forbici di Manitù & Noisedelik”

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Studio B19 – Ideas realized